The Family

Our Heritage

Over the past 25+ years, our family has built a farm in the Savannah of Bogota, Colombia premised on a culture of excellence. 

Our reputation and trust is our most important asset and over 25+ years, we've learned how to grow and cut the finest fresh flowers, not corners. Our obsessive attention to detail shows. Years of investing our time & care, in R&D, in infrastructure, in our plants, and in our terrific Team enables us to harvest the highest quality and most reliable flowers in the world.

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Family Values

In addition to our unparalleled flowers, we are equally as proud of the tremendous culture and Team we have assembled. Our farm promotes the highest ethical & operating standards. Our Team is like family - and treated as such. With subsidized meals, day care for young children, and education advancement opportunities, our farmers benefit from our devotion to their development & success.
As a result, our farm (Flores Ipanema) has been regularly recognized as a Great Place To Work in Colombia and recently ranked #15 in the country for 2019.

Further, we recognize the privilege of growing flowers in Bogota's Savannah and prioritize conserving the natural beauty. Our farm works with international experts to implementing eco-friendly, sustainable farming practices that seek to conserve energy and reduce waste. As a result, our farm has been certified by numerous international organizations, including Rainforest Alliance, Florverde, ISO 9000, and BASC.

Unparalleled Quality

When we say hand selected, we mean just that. Perhaps a shortcoming of our obsessive attention to detail, we don't believe in "good enough". Every single stem is carefully scrutinized to ensure that the finest stems are sent to you.

In life, in order to produce the highest quality product, one needs the proper equipment and infrastructure to even have a chance - and it's no different with flowers... The latest technology, quality tools, and best breeders are the "roots" required for the best flowers. At our family farm, there are no shortcuts to infrastructure and technology. State of the art fertilization and irrigation equipment are used to provide optimum water and nutrients to the plants. Climate controlled greenhouses allow for the optimal temperature at all times during the growing cycle. Our relationships with the top rose breeders span the globe, as we bring the newest and freshest varieties to market. Today, we grow 200+ varieties and are bringing Maya's favorites straight to you!